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Pastoral Care
Craigavon Senior High School is a friendly, caring community in which the pastoral care system seeks to ensure that all pupils feel valued and secure.

Form Advisors have an important role in supporting pupils. In addition to their daily meeting with their form class for registration the Form Advisors of Year 11 classes deliver a timetabled programme designed to help pupils to learn more effectively and achieve appropriately. They also monitor the welfare, progress, punctuality and behaviour of the pupils in their form class on a day-to-day basis.

Year Heads with overall responsibility for groups of pupils support the work of the Form Advisors while the work of the Pastoral Team is further supported by external professional counsellors who are available to pupils on a weekly basis.

Copies of the School Rules and the school's anti-bullying, child protection and behaviour policies are available on request from the General Office. The parents of pupils who are being admitted to the school will all receive copies prior to enrolment.

Our Pastoral Care Team supports the Induction Programme for our new pupils, thus ensuring that they settle quickly into the life and work of the school and feel valued as individuals.

The school’s behaviour policy seeks to sustain an orderly and safe environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place. Underpinning the Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct are the principles of common sense, courtesy and consideration of others. A high standard of personal appearance and behaviour is expected from all our pupils.

Good behaviour is recognised and rewarded in various ways. However, should it be necessary to impose sanctions, these will include:

o Referral to Year Head
o Detention (lunch time/after school)
o Daily report
o Suspension

Prefect System
We are anxious to provide all pupils with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. A prefect system allows us to reward pupils who have contributed most to the development and maintenance of the schools ethos. On each campus we appoint a Head Boy, a Head Girl and School Prefects.
Librarians and House Captains are also appointed in Year 12, while form Captains are appointed in Year 11.

Community Involvement
Close links with local businesses and industry have been developed and these enhance pupils’ experiences and community awareness. Pupils are given opportunities to attend civic forums and develop a sense of citizenship.

Pupils also participate in a wide range of fund raising activities in support of charitable organisations. A significant amount is donated to charities each year.

Home School Partnership
Pupils have much to gain from their parents' well informed interest. We encourage parents to take an active interest in the work of the school and to support us in maintaining high standards of work and behaviour on the part of all pupils.
There are many opportunities throughout the school year for parents to visit the school and talk with staff. These include:

▪ Form Advisor / Parent interviews
▪ Parents' Evening
▪ Vocational Studies Interviews
▪ Open Night

Opportunities exist for parents to demonstrate their interest in the school, through attendance at Prize-giving and at a range of school events.

Child Protection
The school is committed to the safety and well being of all our pupils.
Effective Child Protection Procedures exist within the school and pupils are encouraged to discuss concerns or anxieties with their Form Advisor, Year Head or any member of staff with whom they can relate easily.

Drugs Education Policy
At Craigavon Senior High School we seek to establish and maintain an environment in which the school is free from the misuse of drugs, solvents and alcohol.

We work with outside agencies to deliver skill driven programmes in which pupils are encouraged to clarify their values and make informed health choices. Opportunities for drug and alcohol education exist within the school’s PSHE programme, school assemblies, pastoral care system and SELB workshops. Some subject areas cover drugs education through the taught syllabus and this is further complemented by drugs awareness training for staff.

The school has clear procedures for responding to drug related incidents. Any breach of the school’s drugs policy will be treated with the utmost seriousness. The possession, use or supply of an illegal drug is a criminal offence and the school will always involve the Board of Governors, parents/guardians and the relevant authority within the PSNI.

House System
The House System operates within the school to help promote the physical, social and emotional development of pupils through a range of sports and competitive activities as well as providing opportunities for pupils to develop leadership skills.

The Houses are Binnian, Commedagh and Donard.

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