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Student Work
Scripture Union
School Brochure
The Staff
 Dr P Downing

Vice Principals
 Mrs DL Inns

Vice Principal  

Teaching Staff
 Mr N Alderdice
Subjects: PE/Games/MVRUS

Year Head [P]  
 Mrs L Beattie
Subjects: Child Development, Home Economics

 Mrs C Bell

Senior Teacher  
 Mrs S Briggs
Subjects: English

Subject Leader - English, Literacy Co-ordinator, Teacher Tutor  
 Mrs L Brown
Subjects: Mathematics

Subject Coordinator - Maths, Assistant Examinations Officer  
 Mrs K Caldwell
Subjects: PE/Games

Subject Leader - PE, Year Head [P], Deputy Designated Teacher  
 Mrs C Callender
Subjects: English, RE

Community Activities Co-ordinator  
 Mr D Campbell
Subjects: PE/Games

Boys Year Head [P]  
 Mrs C Cherry
Subjects: HE, Child Dev

Subject Leader - H.E. & Child Development, Year Head [P]  
 Mrs M Connell
Subjects: French, LLW

 Miss C Connolly
Subjects: Science

 Miss J Cornett
Subjects: PE/Games, RE

Year Head Lurgan  
 Mrs D Davidson
Subjects: BS, BCS, Maths

Careers/ ICT/ Maths/Progress Files Co-ordinator  
 Mr C Deering
Subjects: Technology

 Mrs C Dillon
Subjects: LLW

 Mrs S Duke
Subjects: English

 Mrs M Elmore
Subjects: Mathematics

 Mr L Heare
Subjects: Technology/Construction/MVRUS

 Mr C Hughes
Subjects: ICT

ICT/C2K Co-ordinator SL- ICT  
 Mr S Jess
Subjects: PE/Games, Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies

 Mrs A-M Kennedy
Subjects: BS, ICT

Subject Leader - Business Studies  
 Dr R Kirkwood
Subjects: MVRUS

Boys Year Head [P], Senior Teacher – Pastoral Development  
 Mr M Kyle
Subjects: Technology & Design

Subject Leader - Technology  
 Mrs L Parkinson-Kelly
Subjects: English, LLW

 Mr P Lundy
Subjects: French

Subject Leader – French, Senior Teacher – Curriculum (Subject Development)  
 Mrs S  Maguire
Subjects: Mathematics, Science

 Mrs N McCormick
Subjects: BS, BCS, ICT

Subject Leader – ICT  
 Miss S McCulla
Subjects: Geography

Subject Leader – Geography  
 Mrs S McCullough
Subjects: RE

Subject Leader – RE  
 Mrs C McCullough
Subjects: English

 Mrs F McLean
Subjects: Home Economics, Child Dev, RE

 Mrs L McNeill
Subjects: English, RE, History

History Subject Leader, Year Head [P]  
 Mrs I Megaw
Subjects: French, LLW

Subject Leader – Learning for Life and Work, Girls' Year Head, Designated Teacher  
 Mrs L Mulholland
Subjects: HE & Ch Dev

 Mrs M O’Neill
Subjects: Science

Subject Leader - Science  
 Mrs T Oakes
Subjects: English

 Mr J Reid
Subjects: Art

Subject Leader (Art)  
 Miss L Robinson
Subjects: Maths

 Mrs S Rushe
Subjects: BS, ICT

SENCO, Teacher Tutor  
 Mrs J Sally
Subjects: Maths, PE

 Mr R Sands
Subjects: Science

Health & Safety Advisor, Examinations Officer  
 Mrs H Thompson
Subjects: Science

 Miss K Turner
Subjects: Science, LLW

 Mrs E Walker
Subjects: BS, ICT, Games


Non Teaching Staff
 Mr C Barnes
Senior Science Technician  
 Mrs M Black
Classroom Assistant  
 Mr L Foy
ICT Technician  
 Mrs W Greenaway
Clerical Officer  
 Mrs D Harper
Supervisory Assistant  
 Ms D Hutchinson
Home Economics Technician (Part-time)  
 Mrs M Kennedy
Senior Clerical Officer  
 Miss K Kerr
Executive Officer  
 Ms A Kirk
Classroom Assistant  
 Mrs C Macdonald
Classroom Assistant  
 Mr S Martin
 Ms P McClelland
Senior Clerical Officer  
 Mrs A McCullough
Domestic Assistant  
 Ms V McIvor
Senior Executive Officer  
 Mr L Morrison
Technology Technician  
 Mr J Nolan
 Mrs D Roulston
Classroom Assistant  
 Mrs V Stretton
Classroom Assistant  

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