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Why study Geography?

Turn on your TV almost any day and you will see coverage of events such as flooding, storms or earthquakes and hear about issues such as sustainability and global warming. These events and issues are at the very heart of Geography. By studying Geography you will gain an awareness of your own responsibilities and how you can contribute to a future that is sustainable and inclusive.

What does the GCSE course involve?

Unit 1:
Understanding Our Natural World You will study three themes:
Dynamic Landscape (rivers and coasts);
Our Changing Weather and Climate (weather systems affecting us and the causes and effects of climate change); and
The Restless Earth (earthquakes).

Unit 2:
Living in Our World
You will study three themes:
People and Where They Live (population and settlement);
Contrasts in World Development (the differences between LEDCs and MEDCs);and
Managing our Resources (sustainable solutions).

Unit 3:
Fieldwork Report This unit will be a controlled assessment task. You will collect primary data and write up a report.

How is the GCSE course assessed?

There are two external assessments, Unit 1 and Unit 2 each will be worth 37.5% of the total qualification. Unit 3 is a controlled assessment task, worth 25%.

What does the controlled assessment task involve?

This is a geographical investigation that involves carrying out fieldwork and completing a report of no more than 2000 words. The fieldwork will be conducted as a class group and you will write up a report under supervision in school. Examples include investigating how river characteristics change downstream, investigating the level of awareness of fair trade and an investigation of population change in the local area.

What next?

The study of Geography will form part of a good general education for any course you choose to follow when you leave school. The knowledge and skills acquired are particularly useful for pupils who are interested in careers in travel and tourism, conservation, environmental science, town and country planning, air traffic control etc.

Please click on the link below for further information from CCEA.
CCEA Geography

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