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Learning a foreign language like French gives you a highly sought after skill.


• On average, people who use languages in their jobs earn 8% more.

• 75% of the world’s population does not speak English at all.

• Europe is the world’s largest market; France is one of Europe’s largest markets.

• A customer on the Internet is three times more likely to buy when addressed in his own language.

Surprising but true - By learning a foreign language you really do begin to think about how you express yourself even in English and of course you improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills all of which will help you in your other subject areas.

How is French assessed? The new GCSE French course allows you to sit assessments twice yearly, normally in January and June which means that you really can spread the work out over your two years of study.

You will study the following topic areas through speaking, reading, writing and listening and by making use of new technology to make your learning experience more enjoyable.

Lifestyle: Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences, relationships with family and friends, future plans, social issues

Leisure: Hobbies, shopping, money and fashion, advantages and disadvantages of new technology, holiday plans and experiences, getting around.

Home and Local area: Describing your home, neighbourhood and region

The environment: Current problems facing the planet, how to be environmentally friendly at home and in the local area.

Work and education: Describing school and including pressures and problems, looking for and getting a job, advantages and disadvantages of different jobs.

Listening = 20% Reading = 20% Writing = 30% Speaking = 30%
What Future Careers are available using a language like French?
Business / Communication / Education / Government Services / Science & Technology / Travel
For further information please follow the link below.

AQA French

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