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  Frequently Asked Questions

  What must I do if I have a dental appointment?
  My mum wants me to leave school early so that I can go to Belfast with her. Will this be all right?
  What do I do if I feel unwell in school?
  Can I go home if I feel unwell in school?
  My parents want to take me on holiday during term time. Will the teachers provide me with some extra work so that I don't fall behind?
  What will happen if I arrive in school without proper uniform?
  I have just had my eyebrow pierced and I need to wear a stud for two weeks to keep it open. May I cover it with a sticking plaster?
  I dyed my hair at the weekend and it turned out a strange colour. What happens now?
  What happens if my parents want to come in to the school?
  What should I do if I have a problem in school?
  What should I do if I find or lose something?
  Where are the 'out of bounds' areas?
  Can I change an option subject?
  Am I allowed a mobile phone in school?

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