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The Curriculum
Pupils who attend Craigavon Senior High School follow GCSE based courses in which the number of subjects taken is determined by the aptitude of the pupil.

On the basis of guided choice and junior high school recommendation pupils are allocated to one of two programmes:

Full GCSE programme - eight or nine GCSE subjects
Combined GCSE/Vocational Programme - at least five GCSE subjects, plus two Certificates in Occupational Studies.

Within these programmes pupils are allocated to classes using information provided by the junior high schools. It is school policy to group pupils according to their ability.

The availability of some optional GCSE subjects can vary from year to year depending on pupil numbers and preferences but the list of subjects on offer is likely to include the following:

 Art & Design
 Business Studies (Applied)
 Child Development
 Construction
 Design & Technology
 English (Language and Literature)
 French
 Geography
 History
 Home Economics
 Information and Communications Technology
 Learning for Life and Work
 Mathematics
 Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies
 Physical Education
 R.E (GCSE)
 Science (Core and Additional)

A number of core subjects will be compulsory for all pupils after which further subjects will be selected from a number of structured option groups.

Learning Support
Provision for those with Special Educational Needs remains an important priority across the school. Individual education programmes ensure a balanced curriculum and take account of personal/social needs. Pupils who need additional support will generally be taught in smaller class groups, where progress is closely monitored and additional help can be given to individual pupils.
The Special Needs Co-ordinator liaises closely with outside agencies, parents and teachers to ensure maximum support and help for individual pupils. We value the support of all parents and encourage their co-operation.


Homework is used to reinforce work done in class and to give pupils experience of independent working, study and research. Homework diaries are issued to support pupils with time management and organisational skills.

Assessment And Reporting
Internal Assessment

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning and is used within Craigavon Senior High School to monitor pupil progress, identify strengths and remedy weaknesses.

Assessment tasks take a variety of forms including oral presentations, practical work, independent and collaborative research, field studies etc. Additionally pupils are assessed through the completion of written homework tasks, finished projects and Controlled Assessment.

Controlled Assessment is a formal assessment taken in class under examination conditions which contributes to the final examination grade.

External Assessment
External Assessments are set and marked by the awarding body. Types of external assessment and the weighting of assessment objectives vary between subjects. This information is summarised in the school's Pupil Curriculum Guidance Booklet to assist parents and pupils in making decisions on option choices.

External Assessments are generally unitised and are taken in the May/June examination series. There are limited assessment opportunities available in January in LLW and French.

At least 40% of Controlled and/or external assessment must be taken in Year 12.

Examination Policy - Tiers of Entry
GCSE examinations offer pupils the opportunity to be entered at a level that is appropriate to their ability. All tiers of entry leading to the full range of grades are available to pupils in Craigavon Senior High School. The Subject Teacher, using his/her professional judgement, will ultimately make the decision as to the appropriate level of entry for individual pupils.

Examination Policy (re-sits)
The school will normally pay for pupils to be entered once for each of their examinations. Pupils who wish to be entered a second time, either because they missed their examination or because they wish to re-sit it will be expected to pay the re-entry fee.

Examination appeals:

All candidates have the right to appeal marks awarded for controlled assessments and terminal examinations. Further details can be obtained from the Examinations Officer.

Tracking Progress

Procedures are in place to enable pupils to track their progress and evaluate their learning. A meeting of the pupil, parent and form advisor in October is used to review overall progress and agree general targets for improvement. Pupils who do not appear to meet targets are enrolled in the school's Mentoring Programme in Year 12.

Reporting Progress

We endeavour to keep parents well informed about the progress of their child. In addition an interview with the form advisor in Term 1 and a Parents' Evening in Term 2 also provides parents with a verbal report on their child's achievement and progress. A formal written report is also issued in January to pupils in Year 12 and in June to Year 11 pupils.

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