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Child Development
Child Development

Why study Child Development?

Child Development is an interesting and exciting subject. Its study enables pupils from a wide ability range to focus on the development of young children from conception to the age of five years. It encourages knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, the needs of young children, the roles and responsibilities of parents and the social and environmental influences affecting family life. The subject aims to encourage children to think critically, make informed choices and manage resources enabling them to lead effective lives as individuals and family members as well as members of the wider community. The subject is a good basis for entering Further Education courses in the caring industry.

What does GCSE Child Development involve?

The GCSE course involves the study of two areas:

 Parenthood, pregnancy and childbirth
 Child Development

How is the GCSE course assessed?

 External written examination 40%
 Controlled Assessment 60%

NB: Controlled Assessment is an essential part of the GCSE course and will be completed during both Years 11 and 12.

What next?

This is a suitable option for those pupils intending to study at a more advanced level. In addition it provides a basis for those seeking employment in a wide range of childcare settings. Please click on the link below for further information from CCEA.

Child Development

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