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Through the Careers Education Programme all pupils are encouraged to become effective career decision makers, empowered to manage their own career development successfully and confidently.

An effective careers education and guidance programme is supported by:

▪ A relevant curriculum
▪ Two careers suites
▪ Experience of work
▪ Action planning
▪ Progress File
▪ Parental involvement
▪ Partnership with the careers service
▪ Links with business, industry, community groups and other educational establishments.

Careers Education
The careers education programme enables pupils to identify and develop key skills and qualities. They are taught to acquire and evaluate information, investigate appropriate career pathways and develop career planning skills.

Pupils have access to a Careers Suite equipped with a wide range of material including computer-based programmes.

Careers Guidance
All year 12 pupils have a personal interview with the Careers' Officer from the Training and Employment Agency. Parents are welcome to make an appointment to attend interviews.

Work Related Learning
Work experience offers pupils a valuable insight into the world of work and forms an integral part of the Careers Programme in Craigavon Senior High School. This aspect of our careers provision allows pupils to extend their personal and social skills to develop self-confidence.
In year 12 all pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a period of work experience. For some this will take the form of a one week block in October or November. For others, work experience will be timetabled on one day per week from September until May.

A one-week work experience block will be available at the end of Year 11 to pupils undertaking the combined GCSE/Vocational Programme.

Vocational Programme

Pupils undertaking the GCSE/Vocational Programme participate in the Schools' Partnership Programme at the Southern Regional College. The programme provides pupils with the opportunity to sample a range of vocational courses whilst working towards two Single Award Certificates in Occupational Studies.

The award of Occupational Studies certificates at level 2 or level 1 are deemed to be equivalent to higher and lower grade GCSE passes respectively.

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