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English Literature
Why Study English Literature?

As well as complementing English Language and developing reading and analytical skills, English Literature will allow you to read a wide range of texts from a variety of periods.

You will enjoy this subject if:

You are interested in reading novels, plays and poetry
You enjoy discussing literary texts and forming your own opinions about them
You are able to keep detailed notes

You will learn how these texts relate to the social, cultural and historical contexts in which they were written and how they can be interpreted in different ways by different readers.


Teachers will support and extend your knowledge and understanding in the classroom, through discussion, interactive whiteboard activities and through watching film and television adaptations or theatrical productions of the texts. Of course you will also be required to write about the texts you have studied!

How can GCSE English Literature benefit you?

The skills and knowledge gained in GCSE English Literature will help to prepare you for a range of further education courses and career options especially those related to marketing, law, teaching, journalism and the media. Please click on the link below for further information.

English Literature

What will I study and how will I be assessed?

Content Assessment Weighting
The Study of Prose You will respond critically and imaginatively to a prose text you have studied. External Examination Closed book 25%
The Study of Drama You will respond critically to a drama text you have studied. External Examination Open book 20%
The Study of Poetry You will respond critically to a Poetry Anthology you have studied, as well as to one unseen poem. External Examination Open book 30%
The Study of Linked Texts You will study two texts linked by theme or narrative features. Controlled Assessment 25%
There are two written papers, one worth 25%, the other worth 50% and a controlled assessment unit worth 25%. There are two tiers of assessment for the written exams:
Foundation Tier Grades C - G inclusive
Higher Tier Grades A* - D
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